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We’re committed to helping prospective buyers make the right choice, and even more so when it comes to gaming products. That’s why we’ve taken the time to go through a lot of info in regards to the best gaming TVs of this year. We’ve analyzed owner feedback and looked at what the most well-known expert review sites are saying about different models. Furthermore, we made a real effort to establish the value offered for the price, particularly since these kinds of TVs don’t really come cheap. What’s more, we’ve looked at the social media activity gathered around various units and saw how well they’re received by the general public and by the people who have bought them. Out of the thousands of products of which we assessed the quality, the one that stood out was the VIZIO E32-C1. This model is the best one money can buy, as it has excellent clarity and fast-moving content. Not only this, but it also takes the cake in terms of displaying fast-moving images, all thanks to its amazing 240Hz refresh rate. What’s more, the unit comes with built-in WiFi. If, for some reason, you’re unable to purchase the VIZIO model, we recommend having a look at the LG Electronics 42LF5600, as it’s the second best and has almost the same features.

Best gaming tv in 2016

If you are a fan of first-person shooters, or are hellbent on dominating in games that require millisecond-precise responses, you will find no use whatsoever for a TV that is not built for serious gamers like you. To enjoy the optimal PlayStation 4 and Xbox One gaming experience, you will have to secure yourself at least a few TV for gaming reviews to find the best model on the market.


1) Zero Input Lag

If you suffer from an inexplicable inability to react at lightning fast speeds in games, or are feeling dull or sluggish, or have seemed to get beaten in battles that you knew were consistently going in your favor, you could be a lousy game player, or are just the unwitting victim of annoying input lag.

The term ‘input lag’ denotes the time it takes, expressed in milliseconds, for the TV receiving a signal to display the corresponding reflection of the controller input command onscreen. For TV shows and movies, those milliseconds may not be of too much significance. Even most gamers themselves may not be able to notice that their TV has a short input lag.

However, skilled and attentive gamers who immerse themselves in impulse games like Call of Duty, Halo and other fighting games that are played in online multiplayer settings consider input lag to create a considerable difference between life and death.

Some HDTVs take as few as 16 milliseconds for the action to take place onscreen. Others take more than 100, which denotes serious input lag that can easily throw off the game.


The best gaming TVs of 2017

ModelPriceScreen SizeRefresh RateRatingWhere to buy
$$$32 inch60CMRA+AMAZON
LG Electronics 42LF5600
2.LG 42LF5600
$$$$42 inch120HzAAMAZON
Samsung UN32J5003
3.Samsung UN32J5003
$$32 inch60HzBAMAZON



2) Refresh Rate

While almost everyone believes that the best gaming TV in 2017 should have a refresh rate of at least 120 Hz, the information on this does not really reflect native standards. 60Hz, 120Hz and 240Hz are technically not refresh rates. They only present a quantification of motion correction settings made available to the viewer. The motion setting only presents a hindrance to an effective gaming experience so getting a 120Hz TV will accomplish nothing else but deliver input lag and other issues such as haloing.

The motion setting option should instead be turned off to help you enjoy an optimal gaming experience.

Top gaming tv in 2016

3) TV Technology

LED displays have typically superior response time. Plasma displays that are no less than 1080p and 50 inches are considered by some to be the top gaming TV of 2017.

Plasma TV is always best for gaming. It should be kept in a cool, dark environment, so burn-in becomes a non-issue. Other plasma TVs like the ones from Samsung feature a unique PenTile Matrix to cheat the plasma resolution.

For LED TVs, 60Hz is fine even if the unit is no bigger than 32 inches, although the gamer has to sit really close to the TV. LED TVs offer brightness, a light weight, a sleek profile, smooth motion, and none of the dimness or heat issues that plasma TVs have. They may also suffer from peculiar motion issues including waxy or blurry images.


4) Picture Quality

A refined local dimming system enables production of better picture quality. This feature is designed to dim the backlight, which enhances contrast and black levels in discrete sections of the picture.



What is the best product for you?


What you see onscreen is what cues you to make the appropriate reaction during gameplay, and this makes it essential that you invest in the best TVs for gaming 2017. Geared for clarity beyond the standards of regular smart TVs, a gaming TV ensures precise delivery of details to elicit responsiveness from the player.





1.VIZIO E32Equipped with more than two million pixels that combine to form sharp and full HD detail, the VIZIO E32-C1 LED HDTV is the perfect TV for xbox. It is a simplified and extremely intuitive smart TV that produces an awesome level of brilliance along with crystal-clear detail. The exclusive backlight scanning ensures a fast 240Hz effective refresh rate to ensure a sharp picture that is both realistic and smooth.

The enhanced Clear Action 240 provides superbly articulated clarity to fast-moving content, so nonstop action scenes, extreme speed sports and rapid-play video games have reduced ghosting and motion blur. The built-in WiFi is made extra-fast for a convenient wireless Internet connection. The convenient 7-position App Launcher works well with the Full Screen App Home to simplify exploration of the new apps and finding exactly what you want in less time.

The apps get updated automatically to remain current with the most advanced improvements and upgrades to ensure a smooth viewing experience.

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LG Electronics 42LF5600


2.LG 42LF5600Designed for users with glasses, the LG Electronics 42LF5600 LED TV has a generous 41.9-inch screen that makes it great for a large bedroom or standard living room. This LED TV ensures exceptional performance in all lighting conditions. It can deliver plasma-like rich colors and deep blacks for effortless differentiation. Enjoy stunning images delivered through the full HD 1080p resolution, which allows you to immerse yourself in your favorite Blu-ray movies and high-definition content with the best possible level of detail.

The LED TV technology enables the creation of a superbly slim unit without compromising on clarity, brightness and color detail. Enjoy breathtaking detail in anything you view on screen. The High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) input enables you to maximize single-cable convenience while enjoying fantastic audio-video quality by connecting to a true high-definition source including a next-generation video game console, a Blu-ray player or a top-end computer.

This TV is Energy Star qualified, ensuring adherence to energy efficiency guidelines set by the governing agencies.

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Samsung UN32J5003


3.Samsung UN32J5003The Samsung J5003 Series LED TV lets you enjoy superb image quality via full 1080p HD. It provides brilliantly colored viewing experience with a Motion Rate of 60 to ensure seamless motion when viewing rapid movement in sports shows, action movies and games. With twice the resolution of a standard HDTV, the Samsung J5003 TV also offers fast processing speed and advanced backlighting technology so you can keep up with the high-octane action that unfolds on the TV screen.

The integrated Wide Color Enhancer delivers rich color clarity and differentiation so you can view every image just as the movie maker intended even when watching older, non-HD content. The ConnectShare Movie feature enables effortless media playing straight from a USB storage device, so you can share media stored on an external hard drive or photos on a flash drive.

The Samsung J5003 delivers dynamic audio performance with DTS Premium Sound that creates an imposing audio soundstage to immerse you in the media.

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